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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a big mess during the home remodeling project?

Home remodeling is a dusty process, and during the project, your house gets messy. But when the job is finished, all the dust and debris are cleaned. Your house might get dusty during the process, but the final results will release all the pain.

Do you provide after-work services if there's any problem that pops up?

We always provide after-work services to our clients to maintain the reliability of the job. With Matt construction, you should not worry about anything because we hold ourselves accountable for every job we perform.

How many years of experience do you have?

Matt Construction has been serving the field for 17 years. In all these years, we have completed every work and mastered the excellency in home remodeling and renovation services.

Can you make a custom design for my Kitchen?

We can provide you with custom solutions for kitchen design according to your home space and your remodeling ideas. We can bring any kitchen design to life to meet your desires.

How much does a home remodeling project cost?

Home remodeling cost has many factors and varies from home to home. For an expert estimation, you may contact us.